Great Resources for Kids!

Hello and happy holidays!

Below are some fun websites with activities that can be shared with your kids! Whether you're working through speech and language therapy or you just want some great activities for your little ones, these are two of my favorite resources you can use online!

This first site is my one of my favorite websites. “Storyline Online” is a website that provides children with great stories narrated by many favorite actors. Whoopy Goldberg and Oprah are some of the talented celebrities that lend their storytelling skills to help illustrate with words interesting children stories. Lesson plans of the stories are also included- take a look!

The second site is great for language and speech games and activities. Pronounced "key-ah", Quia offers a wide variety of tools, including:

  • Templates for creating 16 types of online activities using your own content.

  • A complete online testing system with automatic grading, immediate feedback, and detailed reporting.

  • Online surveys for gathering student and teacher feedback.

  • A class Web page creator to share Quia activities and class announcements with students and parents.

  • Access to millions of shared activities and quizzes in over 300 categories.

  • ...and more!

I hope you find these resources useful. Please feel free to share with me ways you found these resources helpful. I would love to hear about it!

Until next week, have a safe and happy holiday!

Shaaron Jackson


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